Practical Resolutions

michael erdlePractical Resolutions is dedicated to providing cost-effective resolution of technology, intellectual property and other commercial disputes.

We help parties achieve long-term, sustainable solutions to conflicts through confidential facilitated negotiation and mediation.

We provide knowledgeable, experienced arbitration, when parties want to avoid costly and public litigation, particularly for international disputes.

We offer customized project umpire, neutral evaluation and expedited arbitration services to prevent and resolve disputes that would otherwise put time-sensitive projects or commercial transactions at risk.

Business conflicts are unavoidable.  They can be expensive, time-consuming and destructive.  But if they are managed effectively and resolved quickly, conflicts can lead to stronger agreements and business relationships.

Preserve existing business relationships and unlock new opportunities by pro-actively managing conflicts to avoid harmful escalation and to develop practical business solutions.

Leverage the expertise of a neutral facilitator to build trust, reduce risks, break a negotiation impasse, conduct difficult conversations and turn conflict into collaboration. 

Use mediation to settle difficult disputes more quickly and cost effectively.  In mediation, parties can focus their business interests and maintain control over the final outcome.

Arbitrate, rather than litigate, to protect sensitive confidential information, maintain more control over how critical business issues are decided and obtain internationally enforceable awards.

We also offer hybrid dispute resolution services — such as project umpires,  neutral evaluation and expedited arbitration — designed specifically for technology and intellectual property disputes.

We have the depth of subject matter knowledge and dispute resolution expertise needed to provide practical, cost-effective resolutions for the most complex and difficult disputes.

Please contact us about any facilitation, mediation or arbitration questions you may have.

Examples of commercial disputes we can help resolve:

  • Technology
    • Research and development
    • Licensing
    • Procurement and implementation projects
    • Outsourcing
  • Intellectual Property
    • Patents
    • Trade secrets
    • Copyright
    • Trademarks
    • Designs
  • Partnership and shareholder matters
  • Professional liability
  • Franchising